This Is What Xbox Series X Graphics Look Like

Note the disclaimer up top
Note the disclaimer up top
Screenshot: Microsoft

Here’s what Playism’s Bright Memory: Infinite looks like running on the Xbox Series X, or at least in-game footage representative of Xbox Series X performance. Not too shabby.


The first game shown during Microsoft’s Xbox Series X gameplay reveal event was this first-person shooter from developer FYQD-Studio. Note that the official stream version carried a disclaimer that the game and console are still in development and this clip is “in-game footage representative” of what the Xbox Series X gameplay will look like, and not neccessarily the game running on actual hardware. What do you think?

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It’s really pretty but if this is the difference between 6 teraflops with 12 teraflops,

i begun to understand why Sony focus their work on I/O throughput instead of GPU raw power.