This is what it looks like when the Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta launches you across a ravine into a pond. It sounds like the game still has some kinks to work out, but ridiculous rag doll physics are half the fun of any open world game. The beta is available for the rest of the weekend.


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I really really hope we’re seeing the end of the generic quarter-assed open world collectathons, which is odd because collectathon isn’t supposed to be the main focus of these games, but they added them in to pad out these games, they’ve just padded these so much that the filler has become almost everything they have to offer.

I’m just tired of these generic run around, pick up the things, do the mindless delivery or escort sidequest, unlock/free/save the outpost, climb the tower, upgrade your guns, get that little snippet of audio over your phone/earpiece/radio in a vain attempt to build character, on and on and on that we’ve seen so many times.

farcry, mirrors edge, the division, assassins creed, watch dogs (never played 2, just talking about the first) and so goddamn many more. it’s great when we get a good one, GTA, Witcher, Zelda looks hopeful but these generic ones, where they just phone it in and... god, it’s so boooorrriiinnggg.

my wife and I downloaded the open beta, played it for about 20 minutes then quit, we were just so genuinely and utterly bored.