If you're not up to speed on what Bethesda's Dishonored is all about, two things should fill you in nicely. One is Stephen Totilo's "18 Things You Should Know About Dishonored." And the other is that image at right, of a guy leaping off a rooftop and stabbing a dude in the neck.


You'll be doing that in this game, in which you play as a "supernatural assassin" in the stylized, Victorian, don't-call-it-steampunk alternate reality of Dunwall. Bethesda created an official Tumblr for the game, featuring that .gif (at a much larger size) and some others, plus some swell concept art. But really, do read Totilo's introduction, because your character will have some truly strange powers that should make for very intriguing action.


Dishonored will release on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on Oct. 9.

Dishonored [Tumblr]

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