This is the Worst Thing Nintendo Has Ever Done. Ever.

Nintendo has done some awesome things over the years, but it's done some awful things too. But this, this is the worst. Nintendo of America has spent what's probably a ton of money to get serious airtime in the video clip for a novelty Christmas single. A Justin Bieber Christmas single.


To minimise civilian casualties, you can skip to 1:58 to see it in all its horror. And it is horror. I showed it to intern Chris and he said it's not the worst thing Nintendo has ever done, it's the worst thing anybody ever has ever done.

About the only salvation I can think of is that the placement was actually paid for by Sony, as revenge for all the mean things we said about it the last time somebody said all they wanted for Christmas was a video game handheld.


Luke Plunkett

I've never been more apologetic for our new autoplaying videos than tonight :(