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This Is Ignition's Canceled $20 Million Baby

Ignition Entertainment shuttered its Florida studio earlier this month, deep-sixing the game the 70 developers were building, which was an FPS rumored to have cost $20 million. Video of the game, "Reich" has surfaced.


Develop magazine has three clips of the game, which showcase the protagonist's powerful telekinetic abilities and the real-time physics engine handling their aftermath. A source told Develop that of nine levels planned in the game, just two were completed. "It would be difficult to outsource the rest of the game since the other stages are partially completed." the source told Develop.

As for that $20 million price tag, "past management staff has mismanaged the funds," the source said. "There was no corporate monitoring on spending."


Two more videos can be seen at the link, with more details and developer commentary.

Leaked Video: Axed Reich Project Showed Promise [Develop]

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Davy M Jones

Yeah, that didn't look INCREDIBLY BADASS at all.

I'm really glad all these crappy games fall through the cracks due to mismanaged funds while gems like "Vampire Rain" and "Modern Warfare 2: This time it's even MORE Modern!" manage to find their way onto store shelves, and into our hearts...