This Is How Home Will Flood You With PR

Anyone lucky enough to be part of the Home beta tests right now will know that Ubisoft's Ubidays 08 event was one of the first to be broadcast in the service's "Media and Events" hub, an area of Home that lets publishers and Sony throw up videos and screenshots of upcoming games in a virtual exhibition. It all sounds great in theory, but as the clip above shows, it's going to take a particular breed of person/fanboy to be bothered running around a virtual space (complete with eerily disembodied David Reeves talking head) just to see a clip when they're only a few mouse-clicks away on this here internet.


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as pretty much all comments show Home in current form is obviously not for people like us, people who are used to visiting some websites for their gaming news. Know which sites have nice fullscreen HD versions of game videos or blurry first hand shaky cam grabs before anyone else knows the game exists.

For the total casual people in contrast home *could* be more interesting and ironically even more accessible than a simple site or menus. Will be interesting to see if they can really grab that audience.

To me, yes,just like to the others in this and other Home posts its a big wate of time, things could be accessed way faster with a simple menu (even during a game,haha) and videos etc would be nicer to have watchable fullscreen without any clutter,like on any good flash video site.

The virtual world part to a seasoned gamer seems like fun for 30 minutes (not for one sitting but all sittings ever combined) and i don´t see much reason for wandering around in that virtual world if there´s nothing more to it than checking out stuff that would be better accessible from sites and menus.

To attract the hardcore gamer crowd home itself would have to have propper gameplay like let´s say gta. Maybe not that fleshed out,but yeah, you have some mission givers here and there and can do missions when you want.

Advertising crap placed somewhere is boring and even if someone wanted to check it out there are better ways to do so than in a virtual world. But let´s say you have the mission to steal all 50 billboards of game x in time y and get an achievment for it,well,that would at least be any motivation to check em out. Just as example.

Then you beat the mission and unlock something,let´s say nicer clothes or some stuff for your house.

Think about it sony.