This is Battletoads?

Machinima just can't help itself. We've seen Castlevania, Mario, Contra, and now here we are with Battletoads as reenacted within Half-Life 2.


Remember, this is Machinima (the site, and the titular genre), not a mod. So sit back and enjoy, you can't literally play this. Although it's hard to do so without imagining the impossible turbo tunnel level done in Source.

Half-letoads (Battletoads NES Remade In Half-Life 2) [Machinima on YouTube]


gotta be the lamest HL2 nes mod ive seen. Battletoads (and the others too) are really impossible without modding some of the core mechanics of the game (in this case kicking, grabbing throwing).

and lets not forget that its pretty shitty that these arent playable. lets hope that changes.