Half-Contra: The NES Classic Goes 3D

Machinima put this up last week, following the Castlevania and Mario reconstructions in Half-Life 2. Anyone who's ever played Contra - that should be all of us, right? - will want to watch this start to finish. More than once.


Pretty shrewd how the level's creator (M0rtanius) staggered the platforms so you could shoot up foes above and below you, just like in the 2D version. But I'm guessing this isn't one-hit-kill difficulty.

Thanks Awwal for sending the tip. Sorry we spotted it so late.

Half Contra (Contra NES Remade in Half-Life 2) [Machinima on YouTube]


Fernando Jorge

Well, aside from the awkward jumping parts and the apparently easy gameplay, it looks kind of fun. That would be an awesome design choice for an FPS. Fast paced shooting with some platform jumping and enemies/player dying in one hit.