This Is a Very Large Controller

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This past spring, Japanese peripheral maker Hori said it would make a specialized Miku Hatsune rhythm game controller if enough people pre-ordered it. Enough people did, and Hori made the controller. And it's huge.

The controller is for the PS3 version of the Hatsune Miku arcade game.

Just look at it! The controller isn't exactly something you'd want to lug over to a friend's house. Heck, even carrying it from one room of your house to the next seems like a chore. The controller is actually around 2.2 feet by 1.4 feet and looks even more enormous when placed in a small Japanese apartment, next to a little electric fan.


The controller is officially called the "Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Dreamy Theater 2nd Dedicated Controller". It costs the equivalent of around US$360. Big money for a big controller.

HORIの「初音ミク -Project DIVA- ドリーミーシアター2nd専用コントローラ」ってかなりデカイらしいね [へちま速報]

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So nobody is gonna question the $360 price tag for such a simple controller?

Here is the buttons they are most likey using:


Mind you they are a rather expensive button, but remember they will get the bulk discount.

So 60 bucks for the buttons, and lets round that up to 70 for the three smaller ones. Add in around 20 bucks for the pcb and another 20 for that gigantic plastic shell. So we are right around 120 bucks for parts.

So at least 200 bucks profit on each one? That's Pawn Stars profit margins right there.