Are There Enough Gamers For This Controller?

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Granted, it's only March, but this might be the most hardcore music controller released in Japan this year. That is, if it's released.


You are looking at a dedicated controller that's designed for playing Sega rhythm game Project Diva and...that's it. Dubbed the "Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Dreamy Theater 2nd Dedicated Controller", it will be available for pre-order from Japanese peripheral maker Hori. It's priced at ¥29,939 (US$362).

The controller reproduces the experience of playing arcade game Project Diva at home on the PS3. But only if enough pre-orders are placed will the controller go into production. With the game's rabid fan base, that is entirely possible. Pre-orders start on March 22, so mark your calendars. Or not.


自宅をゲーセン環境に。『初音ミク -Project DIVA- 』専用コントローラーの受注がスタート!

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Do you need arrow keys now? When I played the first HMPD, it was just the face buttons...

Anyway, that looks like exactly the kind of controller for which I'd use a standard one instead. Beatmania or Guitar Hero, I could see, but... you're pressing △○×□... The Dualshock3/PSP is made for that already, in that very shape!

For those in the know, is Dreamy Theater any more than a graphical upgrade? I've only played on PSP and don't see a good reason to jump through the hoops of buying something on J-PSN for this - yet.