This Hitman Racing Suit is Either the Most Ridiculous or the Most Brilliant Thing I've Seen

We've featured Joey Logano, the driver who races the No. 20 GameStop Toyota in NASCAR's Nationwide Series, several times before. He's had some awesome car wraps before, hoods dedicated to Bioshock 2 or Red Dead Redemption—things that still look a little strange turning left at 120 mph.


Well, when the flag drops at the History 300 in Charlotte in about 30 minutes, Logano's going to outdo all of that. Touting Hitman: Absolution, he'll be wearing a firesuit patterned after 47's costume. You know, the one that is a black suit and red tie. (Full size image is below).

It's not a real necktie, but the idea of Logano looking like the world's deadliest limousine driver as he hurtles around the tri-oval is hilariously brilliant to me. I followed up with a Square Enix representative to get more details on Logano's getup.

Me: Please tell me Joey's helmet is just a blank bald head with a barcode on the back. And 47's steely gaze screened over the visor.

Square Enix Rep: Let me check with marketing. (Checks with marketing) Sadly, no. The helmet is not included in this.


Me: Man ... OK, well he's got to be wearing badass black gloves with this thing, at least, right?

Square Enix Rep: No, unfortunately.


If you want to catch a glimpse of what the hood looks like, or maybe some in-car video of Logano racing in this getup, the broadcast of the History 300 begins at 2:30 on ABC.


[Update] Joey Logano is in fact starting on the pole in this race. He just gave an interview in his firesuit in which he declared it to be "awesome." I'll let him have the final word: That suit is indeed awesome.

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