This Guy's Very Enthused about Gears of War 3

Maybe you know someone who's just a little too cray-cray for Gears of War. If not, now you do. Meet iSekC, who's cuckoo for Cole Train and was knighted by Cliff Bleszinski himself as the game's No. 1 fan.

Sure, we've all played with action figures - with dialogue - switched cover on our way to take a dump, and maybe gotten a little too competitive with water guns, even as adults. This is some next-level shit, though, a solid four minutes of it. Enough of a testimonial that Epic Games' creative director saw it, tweeted it, and proclaimed iSekC the boss of Gears fans.


Gears of War Fan Makes Cliff Bleszinski's Month, Puts Others to Shame [Ripten]

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