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This Guy Needs a Heaping Helping of "Get a Grip"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is absolutely parody. It could be unintentional self-parody. Or it could be someone masquerading as a PS3 fanboy to parody that particular constituency. But it's parody. A guy who gives the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII for the 360 equal weight to Asperger's is, shall we say, having a disproportionate reaction. (Full text on the jump). Still, we had a video earlier of an angry, ticked off PS3 fanboy who claimed to know Japanese culture about as well as Marcus Brody could [teeth clenched] blend in [/teeth clenched] in the Middle East of the late 1930s. That guy turned out to be a Something Awful goon.


The fact the text is available only as a screen capture (full version after the jump) leads me to be skeptical someone actually feels this way. But, if you're a Microsoft partisan and want to gloat, here you go. And if you are four-square for Sony and want to rage, here is a comrade-in-arms. And if you invest your emotions and identity in pro bono advocacy for multinational corporations with billions in market capitalization and brigades of PR professionals, you need some perspective. Like this guy.


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