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Final Fantasy XIII Is A Traitor, Square Must Apologise

Not real of course, as we've seen his particular brand of internet fury before, but scary nonetheless. Why? Because while this performance is a (brilliant) fake, you can bet there are thousands of real kids out there venting in a similar fashion.


[thanks Flame Strike!]

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Dr. Tobias Funke (Analrapist)

I will admit at first i was pretty pissed when I heard the news because, for some reason, i thought that SE betrayed me. Once the dust settled, i was like, "wait, I still get the game..." and my anger subsided a bit. It doesn't piss me off the the xbox fanboys get an amazing game, it's that I'm gonna have to wait longer to get it BECAUSE the xbox is getting it. I would have no problem with Square porting it to the 360 AFTER the ps3, but by making a simultaneous release in the States means that we are going to have to wait until the ps3 version is done in Japan, THEN wait for it to get translated for the ps3 AND get ported to the 360. THIS is what is a kick in the balls to all the loyal Square fans who have been waiting since the ps3 was announced to get this game. I could care less that xbox is getting it, just give it to us without FURTHER delaying this game.