This Guy is Hellbent on Getting a DotA 2 Beta Key

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Valve opened a photo-submission contest offering beta keys for DotA 2 and asking fans to show just how much they want one. The contest guidelines included the requirement that images be larger than 600 by 400 pixels. Think a billboard will do?


Steven Addison talked a rep for Clear Channel, owner of this digital billboard in his neighborhood, into displaying this image for a brief time for free. There are many creative and, well, uncomfortable submissions in the official forum thread. If any of these could get someone a key, Addison's should do it.

DotA 2 Billboard by Ninjelephant [Neutral Creeps via Joystiq]

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Can we stop assuming that everyone knows these stupid acronyms for games? I have become a casual gamer as of late due to work and loss of money, I try to keep in the know, but what the hell is DotA? I think the 50 different stories I have seen on Kotaku have never once said the full name of this game.