This Gentleman is Upset He Was Not Invited to Titanfall's Alpha

What happens when you don't get a beta alpha key for Titanfall? Well, you pack a lipper, grab the camera and go to YouTube to sound your barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world. (Audio definitely NSFW. Use headphones.)


In the grand tradition of Mr. Bitch-Eat-That-Ho from Street Fighter comes this customer service complaint to Respawn, Xbox, and just about anyone who will listen. This guy is a fuckin' loyal fuckin' EA customer and he's fuckin' pissed that he didn't get fuckin' picked for the fuckin' Titanfall beta alpha underway fuckin' now. After disposing of that complaint, he launches into a jeremiad against Battlefield 4 and its manifold woes. He's so distraught he may just quit gaming altogether. *spits*

This video comes off as kind of a redneck Unforgivable, without the cracking up and the re-takes—though I swear there are a couple of points where I think he's gonna lose it. Game Junky's [sic] has been on YouTube about a year, and now he has his first big hit. Methinks he's the next prize hire for a multi-channel network. Rage on, Game Junky's.

[h/t Jim Sterling]


Can't take my eyes off his lower lip.