This Game Uses Your Hard Drive's Files to Build Its Levels

Yeah, you just stay the hell out of my porn folder, AdventureOS; I'm not interested in a boss battle with Peter North.


OK, that's not actually how AdventureOS works. The files themselves don't actually come (heh heh) to life, the game uses a folder to create a room in a castle and stock it with loot, NPCs or enemies. Multiples of a single file type mean larger or more powerful loot, NPCs or enemies. A folder represents a door to another part of the castle. The video (above) explains how the directory builds out the castle.

AdventureOS is a novel concept, even if it describes itself by a term I despise—"Metroidvania." That of course means a platforming game that has role-playing elements and a persistent inventory for carrying weapons, spells, and what have you, where gaining access to new areas depends on acquiring special abilities. The game is under development by Eveland Games, which has opened an Indiegogo campaign to fund it. A release for Windows, Mac and Linux is planned.

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"Multiples of a single file type mean larger or more powerful loot..."

Oh dear. It's like they're encouraging people to plug in their, umm, erm... family photo albums for more power! That's right. Family photos. Nothing to see here. Except huge folders of family pictures. I swear! Don't you trust me, honey?!