This Game Stars A Potato (And Looks Pretty Great)

Kickstarter has been a real boon for retro gaming recently, hasn't it? First General Chaos, then River City Ransom: Underground, and now a retro-inspired platformer that was kickstarted almost a year ago releases. It's a regular wellspring of nostalgia.


You may not remember playing as a potato, though, which is O.K. because you probably haven't yet. The release of Spud's Quest for PC aims to change that today.


Spud's Quest is a self-described zeldoidvania tribute game starring Spud, a blue, ambulatory potato, and his sidekick Prince Charming, a frog in search of a cure . Just like the old school adventure games, we already know how to cure Prince Charming (collect the four ancient elemental essences, clearly), and all that's left is the trip. The game also takes from the the old Codemaster's Dizzy series, and pulls from Roman, Greek, Norse, and Mayan mythology to let that antiquity set in.

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If you pick up Spud's Quest from the game's site for £5.00, and you like it, you should also hop over to its Steam Greenlight page and share your opinion there. If nothing else, at least the humble potato is starting to get the attention that root vegetables deserve, right?

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