A Genesis Cult Classic Is Coming Back (For The PC)

General Chaos was a Genesis game that, in the grand scheme of things, few people played and even fewer remember. Which is a shame, as it was one of the smartest and most innovative games on the platform, one whose DNA can still be seen today in games like Team Fortress 2. So it's fitting, then, that a sequel is in development for the PC.


General Chaos II: Sons of Chaos joins the long list of Kickstarter campaigns being run by veteran developers, in this case Brian Colin and Game Refuge, the creator (and studio) behind the original.

It's...basically the same game. Which is good, because the original's formula was almost perfect. Two sides face off on a map, you select a mix of soldiers based on your strategy (different classes have different strengths), you control one soldier at a time while the AI handles the rest, and...that's about it.

Since there's not much to show of the sequel, to see what I'm talking about, below is the original.

The devs are looking for $125,000 in funding.

GENERAL CHAOS II: Sons Of Chaos [Kickstarter]


I have always loved this game, yet could never remember what it was called. Thank you Luke. You are a gentleman and a scholar.