This Game Is Not For Humans, It Is For Cats

Game For Cats has a title that's about as literal as they come. It's a game. For cats.


It's nothing fancy — just a few variations of "something is moving quickly around the screen" — but that's simple enough for a cat. Because remember: this game is not for humans. It's for cats.

It's a free download, so if you've got a feline and want to keep it busy — or potentially scratch the crap out of your iPad screen — you can grab it here.


game-hating andrew

One time as a child, I put a knee-pad on my cat, Sasha, to transform her into a turtle-cat. Purely for fun, you see.

My Dad came home to this sight, the unfamiliar beast lying upon our couch. Being a very religious man, he proclaimed it a terrible abomination. So Sasha was taken outside, tied to a tree, and shot in the face at point-blank range, despite my pleads to let her live.

As the buck from the shotgun shell obliterated her minuscule form, I wished there was something else fun we could've done together. If only iPads had existed in the 90's.