On a day when the NBA lurched toward its inevitable lockout—with labor and management even further apart than in the NFL's contentious negotiations—NBA 2K12 released this first in-game screenshot, depicting Dirk Nowitzki and the world champion Dallas Mavericks in their series against the Miami Heat.

Other than the player modeling, there's not much Where's Waldo going on with regards to new details. The crowd is decked out in Mavericks blue. If you zoom in full-size on DeShawn Stevenson (No. 92, lower left) you can see that outrageous Abe Lincoln tattoo on his throat.

NBA 2K12 showed little at E3 and has said little about the encore to last year's decisive sports game of the year, other than promises the development team kept its foot on the accelerator. The publicity rollout is expected to be in full swing by August.