As Kotaku's resident deplorable alcoholic, expectations for me are low enough that not only can I post something this reprehensible, it's practically expected. So here's the problem of drunk driving imagined as a 1990s-style game - note, this game doesn't exist.


Brooklyn comedy quintet POKYPAC is responsible for this foray into dark humor, produced last year and put on YouTube a few days ago. If you somehow find it to be an endorsement of dangerous and self-destructive behavior, I should remind everyone that driving drunk is one hell of a good way for an otherwise upstanding citizen to find himself charged with homicide. You don't even have to hurt someone to do time - serious time, hanging out with bona fide violent people.

So the message here, kids, is winners drink at home alone.

I'm Not Drunk: The Irresponsible Video Game [Geekologie]