I'd also accept "auditioning for a role in Step Out" or "auditioning for a role in Step Out 2" or "auditioning for a role in Step Out 3: The Streets, 2".

One of my favorite features of Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the QR Reader that you unlock after talking to Sable (the sewing hedgehog in the clothing shop) for 10 days. Tumblr, QRCrossing, and other great online communities are full of great codes including the above muscle shirt, Batman costumes, and so much more.


But the best, by far, is QR Mydesign, the iPhone app which can convert your pictures into QR codes. Totoro flag? Dreams, MEET REALITY.

No Face mask? Done and done.

So yeah, this is pretty much the greatest thing ever for a game all about customization. Let me know if you guys/gals have found or made any amazing QR codes or want me to share where I got some of these.