Things A UPS Man Allegedly Stole

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The Fort Myers News Press lists nearly 100 items allegedly stolen by a UPS driver in Cape Coral, Florida. It is an extraordinary haul, full of game consoles and a surprising amount of weapons.

This is the video game portion of the list, with the prices included as presented by the News Press.

Nintendo Wii: $400
PlayStation 3: $449
PlayStation 3: $499
PlayStation 3: $499
Xbox 360: $400


Here's a non-gaming part of the same list:

Garmin GPS: $300
Cobra GPS with Bluetooth: $450
Winchester 70 35 REM: $6,500
Ruger pistol: $347
Smith & Wesson: $350
Glock 27 in case: $500
Blow gun ninja sword set: $366
Ninja stars swords: $400
Compound bow: $700
Cape Coral police dept. badge: $50
Second Chance ballistic vest: $800
Second Chance ballistic vest female: $800

The driver has been charged with the theft of more than $100,000 worth of items that were not delivered as intended. His wife have been charged with dealing stolen goods, according to the News Press.
There may be no hard news to take away from this that will enrich your gaming life, but the rundown of items is too extraordinary not to share. Check out the article for the full list.

Wife of charged Cape Coral UPS driver arrested in theft case [News-Press]

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Paradox me

That second list, the non-gaming one. Makes you wonder what UPS is really up to.

I'm sure they're just a delivery company. They aren't stocking supplies for anything..

2012! Zombies! Something!