These Schoolgirls Will Kick Your Head In

As noted on, the movie's tagline is: "Ever get your ass kicked by a high school girl?"


It seems like these days all fight scenes use CGI and wires. Not High Kick Angels. It's the latest flick from Fuyuhiko Nishi, the director behind High Kick Girl and KG: Karate Girl.

Nishi specializes in martial arts films with schoolgirl characters. And while his flicks are heavy on fan service, the actors train heavily for the fight scenes and don't simply rely on post production trickery to look badass.

High Kick Angles opens this June in Japan.

Rina Takeda, the star of High Kick Girl, recently appeared in a credit card commercial that showed off her martial arts abilities. Here's hoping the stars of High Kick Angels can also kick ass like she can.

女子高生が激烈アクション!「ハイキック・エンジェルス」6月公開 [Eiga]

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The Lightbringer

Can any martial arts/sports persons tell me if these slim girls can really generate the proper amount of force needed to properly debilitate or incapacitate someone in a real fight, even granting the enormously telegraphed high kicks actually connect? It looks amazing and all, but I really doubt they'd actually be able to take out that many guys in such a short time.