Fashionable Young Woman Breaks Roof Tiles with Her Head

Japanese actress Rina Takeda stars in a new credit card commercial. In the ad, the 22 year-old uses her head.


Studying karate since she was ten, Takeda is black belt in Ryukyu Shorin-ryu Karate. She made her film debut in the martial arts flick High Kick Girl! In it, she did her own stunts and performed her own moves.

According to Livedoor, this commercial was done without any special effects.

The commercial's tagline line is "It depends on how you use your head. It depends on how you use your credit card, too."

Here is the making of clip.

クレディセゾン新CM「頭は使いよう。カードも使いよう [永久不滅チャンネル@YouTube]

GIFS: 永久不滅チャンネル

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Jimmy Boots

Not to say that she didn't break those boards, but it's not exactly a martial art more than it is basic materials mechanics. Once you understand how material failure works, you realize why breaking boards and bricks is not that impressive. I mean, bricks are brittle as shit if they're not reinforced by some metal rods or something.

Here's Penn and Teller explaining the board breaking stuff: