These Are Your Kotaku Trip To E3 Finalists

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This morning we picked through the thousand or so entries for our win a trip to E3 contest.

Using, we selected a dozen finalists out of those who answered our questions correctly.

The finalists, listed below, will have to turn in a story to us for final judging so we can determine which of you should be joining us at E3 for a little coverage... and fun.


Your Finalists
Francis A.
Ryan H.
Kevin I.
Mike S.
Mark D.
Joe M.
Sean P.
Josiah M.
Garth H.
Scott B.
Patrick M.
Sam B.

I've emailed all of the finalists, replying to the email they sent in to enter the contest. We've already heard back from eight of the 12, confirming that they meet the requirements for the contest. If we don't hear back from the other four by the end of today I'll draw four more. So, you better check your email if you think you're one of the winners.

Tomorrow we'll announce what exactly the finalists have to write up for their entry.

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I would've entered this contest, but I have a feeling any obligations I'd have to Kotaku would be totally forgotten once I actually hit the floor and realized "OMG I'm at E3!"