Vega's mask, Hadouken, Chun-Li's wrist cuff, M. Bison, Ryu, and Blanka are take the place of the steam iron, Scottish terrier, top hat, thimble et al. in the specially commissioned Street Fighter: Monopoly version of the board game. Capcom-Unity members chose the six pieces by poll, and they're included with the game made by USAopoly.

It's supposed to be available on Amazon right now, but it's not. Whether that's because Street Fighter fans raided the stock or the listing popped up before everyone was ready, who knows. But in addition to playing like the regular-old Monopoly board game, the Street Fighter edition will feature 22 iconic fighting arenas from the series' 25-year history. Players will improve the properties (arenas) they own with training rooms and dojos, which sound like houses and hotels to me.

MONOPOLY: Street Fighter Collector's Edition available now + poll results [Capcom-Unity]