It's Always A Good Time For Smash Bros x Space Jam

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DJ Slammeister loves two things: Smash Bros. and Space Jam. (Me too!) Normally, one has to enjoy them separately, but that’s no longer the case, thanks to the Super Slam Bros. IV album.


What’s more remarkable is realizing this isn’t the first album mashing up these two things. The Super Slam Bros. Melee EP was released back in 2012, but the world has demanded more slam.

Give it a listen, and let it wash over you. Enjoy the slam, the jam, and the smash.

I mean, just take a look at slammin’ track list!

  • Slam Circuit
  • The Great Cave Slam
  • Slam Armada
  • DK Slam
  • Yoshi’s Woolly Slam
  • Gerudo Slam
  • PictoSlam
  • Brinslam
  • Live & Slam
  • Slamming Ring
  • K.K. Slam
  • Kalos Pokémon Slam
  • Slam City (Classic)
  • Dr. Slammy’s Castle
  • Pikmin Noises (Slambient)
  • Gaur Slam
  • Duck Slam
  • Pac-Slam

Pac-Slam, Pikmin Noises (Slambient), and DK Slam are some of my favorites—no sarcasm.

This latest collection was made for the best of reasons, too.

“I can’t believe I made another one of these,” said DJ Slammeister on his Bandcamp page.


I can’t believe it either, DJ Slammesiter, but thank you for doing it.

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Mr. Malaise

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