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The top two record-holders for Donkey Kong will try to topple the game's existing all-time high scores tomorrow in a record chase you may watch live.


Hank Chien (pictured), the arcade record holder, and Dean Saglio, the record holder for emulation play, will both meet at Richie Knucklez Arcade Games in Flemington, N.J. to try to best the 1.1 million mark on Donkey Kong. Both will be playing cabinets.

Chien triumphed in a "Kong-Off" tournament at Richie Knucklez earlier this year, and before that broke his own world record with a 1,090,400 performance at Funspot in New Hampshire. Saglio's 1,153,000 would be the world No. 1 if he set the mark on a coin-operated machine. He's seeking a space in the record books and overall arcade gaming cred with a top score on a record-book mainstay.


This is not necessarily a competition; Chien and Saglio are meeting in a friendly exhibition and will be supporting each other's efforts. You may catch a broadcast late Sunday morning through TwitchTV (fka and

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