Got plans, Tokyo residents? You do now.

While all most people know about ninja is probably “wrong,” this weekend in Tokyo’s Ueno Park, there is a Ninja Festa.


Recently, there have been ninja festivals in Japan (typically Mie Prefecture, traditionally a hotbed of ninja activity, but earlier this year there was one in Osaka).

What do you do at ninja festival? Here is a look at past festivals.

[Photo: bell0611]

Like at most festivals, there are food stalls. But that’s not all...

[Photo: yakoneco]

You can listen to ninja songs.

[Photo: konpota110]

Watch ninja moves.

[Photo: qess0515]

Make ninja friends.

[Photo: usagitv]

Good times.

[Photo: Ninja Festa]

One of those dogs is more ninja than the others.

[Photo: Ninja Festa]

Maybe, you can watch a deadly ninja marching band.

[Photo: yauko_o]

Blow darts.

[Photo: 77Amaou]

So cute, so deadly.

[Photo: kuronekodaisuki]

You can check out ninja cars.

[Photo: showchick]

This isn’t as stealthy as it should be...

[Photo: budou_nin]

Ninja booze!

[Photo: Ninja Festa]

Do not be fooled. Ninja baby will kill you.

[Photo: konpota110]

This really seems like a wonderful way to spend the day.

[Photo: Ninja Festa]


[Photo: yohsukei]

Precious ninja memories.

According to Random News, the Ninja Festa runs this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in Ueno Park. You won’t necessarily be able to do all the activities pictured above, but you’ll probably have a good time, regardless.

Top photo: konpota110

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