There's A New Wrinkle In Japanese Schoolgirl Game Gal Gun's Panty Shot Drama

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Do you know Gal Gun—or if you prefer, Gal☆Gun—the Japanese shooter for the Xbox 360 that's all about shooting high school girls with a "pheromone shot" and is mostly wall to wall upskirt shots? Then you probably know about the back and forth "pantsu" drama that threatened to keep the Japan-only game panty shot free.


Well, there's a new development in this creepy on-rails high school shooter. The publisher is about to patch the game, denying its fan-base of under the skirt camera angles. The game's publisher call this update to the titillating game a "Fix For The Camera Control Bug." Riiiight.


Publisher Alchemist illustrated this with the above graphic: previous angle of schoolgirl viewing is on the left, the new one is illustrated on the right.

On March 18, according to a report from Andriasang, Gal Gun will be updated by its publisher to deny lower angle shots. In a game loaded with salacious pantsu-peeking of nubile anime schoolgirls, we're pretty confused about the decision to limit its options for horny Japanese fans.

It seems the jiggling, squealing and more tasteful upskirts will remain in the game, based on new screenshots of the game, if you're still considering a purchase.

Gal Gun Gets No Pantsu Patch [Andriasang]

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Isn't pantie shots the only reason to buy this game? It's really big fad in Japan after all... Um my friend told me that, normally I would not know this, I have not been watching those pantie-shot undressing hentais. Don't look at me like that!