Age Shall Weary Them | Wonder if Master Chief will be dual-wielding walking sticks by then. By Lobzov Nikolay.

Some Awesome Magazine Covers From the 1970s

In September 1975, the first issue of tech magazine Byte hit newsstands in America. While it would be mildly influential for at least the first decade of its existence, I'm not bringing it up today for its editorial content.
I'm bringing it up for its awesome covers.
The world of computers in the... More »

The Vita Gets Two More Apps

As we've shown you, the PlayStation Vita has some handy apps. And now, following the Asia Game Show, it's got two more.
Unveiled at the Hong Kong show, which wound up yesterday, were new apps Wake-up Club and Picture Park.
Wake-up Club is an alarm clock service, which runs in the background and can... More »


The Official Zelda Timeline, Now With Added Detail

While we were able last week to bring you the official Zelda timeline, courtesy of the series' new art book, it was only the barest of structures, with just game names in chronological order. More »


Skyrim Meets Minecraft, Results Exceed Expectations

Let's pretend, for a moment, that the court battle between Skyrim's owners and the developers of Minecraft never happened. And that instead of fighting each other, they got together and made a sweet, sweet video game. More »



This Week's Cosplay Round-up Is All Men, Women & Animals

Skyward Sword. Aion. League of Legends. Mortal Kombat. They're just some of the video game franchises represented in this week's Fancy Pants cosplay roundup, alongside what I'm pretty sure is the segment's first ever animal cosplay.
As in, not a person dressing up as an animal, but an animal... More »

Controller Company Berates Customers, Then Penny Arcade. Bring Popcorn.

Reader Dave has sent us a rather interesting conversation he's had over the past few weeks he's had with Paul Christoforo, a PR rep from Ocean Marketing, representing the makers of the Avenger controller accessory.
It is entertaining reading. More »



Even Skyrim Fan Films Are Full Of Bugs

If you're going to make a fan film based on Skyrim, you need to replicate not just the spirit of the game, but it's maddening technical bugs as well.
Shame they've left out the one that's plaguing my game. More »


Android Tablet Rips Off Sony, Nintendo, Angry Birds and Everyone Else

Chinese tablet company JXD has released a new unit called the S7100, which in an effort to sell to its local market, flaunts not just its specs, but who and exactly where it's ripping off properties that are owned and controlled by someone else.
From the emulated games on its menus to the... More »

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