This Is Apparently The Ultimate Gaming Advantage

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Behold The Avenger, an Xbox 360 controller prosthesis that promises to improve your accuracy and reaction time. Steven says "It's almost like having extra fingers." We say "Who the hell is Steven?"

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Steven's quote appears on the front of the web page for The Avenger, and while I suspect he is one of the many people featured in the site's testimonial video for the controller, I'd rather not verify that. I think of him as a collection of all the Stevens in the world: The Over-Steven.


Over-Steven loves The Avenger, so I don't see why we shouldn't. The bizarre-looking device straps on to the Xbox 360 controller, increasing the sensitivity of the buttons and triggers in order to allow for rapid, fluid movements. I'm not sure if it looks amazing or ridiculous. If hard-pressed I'd say it looks like an Xbox 360 controller attempting to cosplay.

The adapter comes with a stabilizing tripod, tension straps, and hair triggers. It even has sensitivity adjusters, which I like to imagine transform the average Xbox Live gamer from one that insults your mother to one that asks after her health.

Probably not.

Will The Avenger up your game? Is it truly the ultimate gaming advantage? It's hard to imagine, not having seen one up close and in action. Over-Steven loves it, but is that enough?


Manufacturer iControl has slapped a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on it though, so if you don't like it you can always get your $59.00 back eventually.

The Avenger [Official Website]

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It looks like the Xbox controller is attempting to be Laughing Octopus, from MGS4.