The Xbox 360 Gets a $50 Price Cut at GameStop Beginning Tomorrow [UPDATE]

Kotaku has heard from a source that, beginning tomorrow, the Xbox 360's 250GB configuration, and the 4GB bundle that includes the Kinect sensor, will both get $50 price cuts at GameStop.

UPDATE: Our source says the drop is all versions of the 360, at least at GameStop. The 4GB 360 goes down to $150, the 250GB and 4GB w/Kinect down to $250 and the 250GB w/Kinect down to $350.


Additionally, Cheap Ass Gamer has heard the same thing according to this forum post.

We've reached out with additional inquiries as to how long this price cut will last—it seems to be only for GameStop, though, not an overall product price drop. Still, if you were in the market to buy a machine, like, oh, after its disc drive failed on the same day you paid $350 for plumbing repairs, there's never been a better time to buy. Mine, naturally, arrived on Tuesday.

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