The Witcher 2's Xbox 360 Versions Slips to 2012

Illustration for article titled emThe Witcher 2s/em Xbox 360 Versions Slips to 2012

The Xbox 360 version of RPG The Witcher 2, originally slated for later this year, has now been moved back to "the first quarter of 2012", the developers tell us.


There are two reasons for the delay. One is to give the team "more time expanding and polishing certain elements of the gameplay". The other, and the developers acknowledge this, is the legal battle over the game's distribution rights.


Fahey reviewed The Witcher 2 when it first came out earlier this year. He rather liked it!

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What I really liked about the Witcher 2 was that it was practically 2 games depending on if you sided with Iorveth or Roach.

Iorveth's path gives you a much more mystical and politically enlightening view of the storyline, while Roach's path is a much more passionate small scale revenge quest.

But all the events are consistent and check out on both sides.

So to really understand what's going on you gotta play both paths.