The Wii U's Title Lineup Touts the Console's Hardcore Cred

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A montage video of third-party video games coming to Wii U left no doubt that this will not be a kid's stuff console. In addition to high definition visuals, titles like Alien: Colonial Marines and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge showed Nintendo's intention to make something with hardcore gamer appeal.

Shown during a video montage at Wii U's E3 unveiling were games such as Ghost Recon Online, Assassin's Creed, Darksiders II and DiRT. Ninja Gaiden 3, pointedly, showed Ryu cleaving foes with his sword, blood spattering everywhere.

Following the montage, Electronic Arts president John Riccitiello took the stage, noting it was the first time the publisher had appeared at Nintendo's E3 keynote. Riccitiello touted Wii U's unique functionality in EA Sports titles such as Madden NFL, saying its controller will reduce a lot of the game's information complexity and make tasks such as playcalling and pre-snap adjustments easier.


Wii U should definitely be a third console for simulation-quality sports publishers to rely on, after years of poor-selling, adapted motion-control titles with lower quality graphics.

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Just look at all that content that I can play on a console I already own.

Unless the WiiU's versions are significantly more interesting due to the controller, I'm not all that impressed. In fact, I was more DEpressed over the lack of unique - or just outright new - content for the platform.

A pox on all of you who cried like babies over the Wii. At least its software library is filled with stuff you can't get elsewhere.