The Wii U Won't Be Getting Assassin's Creed IV DLC. Yesterday, Ubisoft detailed the downloadable add-ons coming Assassin's Creed IV, among which is a cool-sounding standalone adventure that casts the player as an escaped slave. Unfortunately for Nintendo fans, today Ubisoft confirmed to Kotaku that the Wii U version of the game won't get that add-on, or any other AC IV DLC. (H/T Gamereactor)

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And they will be confused by the low sales numbers for WiiU version anyway....*facepalm*

I mean, I am a fan of Nintendo. I have 3DS and 3DS XL and I find it a best handheld gaming device ever. I am going to buy WiiU - because of Wind Waker, Wonderful 101, X, Bayonetta 2 etc. And even because of some Wii games I didn't have the chance to play yet (Skyward Sword, Other M, Xenoblade, Last Story etc.)...

But I see absolutely no reason to buy AC4 for WiiU. Who would have if a man can't get a full version!

Oh wait! He can't get a full version anywhere! There is an exclusive story DLC for PS3! I wouldn't be surprised if there was one for Xbox360 as well!

Why can't a paying gamer get a fraking COMPLETE VERSION OF A GAME for the fraks sake!?