The Weirdest Thing About Nintendo's E3 Are These Swollen Glands

Unless a giant, naked and mechanical Miyamoto crashes down the aisles during Nintendo's E3 presentation, blaring a cover of Tori Amos' cover of Raining Blood, this is likely to be the strangest thing we'll see from the company at this year's E3. And it wasn't even shown at E3.

It was shown before E3, during Nintendo's Wii U web conference, and is about...a guy, who can't kill a zombie, so goes online, chats with a creepy old man and has feelings for an action figure. Oh, and swollen glands.


It's not funny. Let's get that clear. Nor is it excruciating. And yet, you watch. Indeed, the fact it is almost nothing but a technical demonstration starring what looks like the grown-up version of the RAD ZELDA kid from the 80s is what makes it so interesting.

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