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The Weekend In Esports: Gears Of War Goes To The Beach

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dota 2 returns this weekend with the Asia Championships, while big things are also happening across League of Legends and elsewhere. A little game called Gears of War 4 is also returns with a major tournament down at the Jersey shore.

If you woke up early enough this morning you might have even caught Evil Geniuses sleep walking through a lower bracket elimination match against last year’s TI champions, Wings Gaming. For everyone else, here’s where and when you can watch the rest of this weekend’s biggest events in competitive gaming.


Dota 2

The bracket stage of the Dota 2 Asia Championships will begin to sort itself out this weekend with Evil Geniuses already pushing Wings Gaming out over the lower bracket and Team Liquid fighting for survival against Team Faceless earlier this morning.


The $600,000 prize pool event continues tonight with iG Vitality vs. Team VG at 10:00PM EDT tonight. Matches throught the lower bracket will run again Sunday night while the grand finals are scheduled for early next week..

You can stream all the matches live right here.

Gears of War 4

The Gears Pro Circuit: Atlantic City Open continued today at 10:00AM EDT with pool play while the first match of the championship winners bracket will begin at 4:00PM EDT. Matches will resume on Sunday at 10:00AM EDT with the championship loser’s bracket while the eventual grand finals are slated for 4:00PM EDT in the afternoon.

Optic Gaming, Team Envyus, Eunited, and Allegiance each start the day off at the top of their group in a bid for first place overall at the $200,000 event. You can watch the games live in the stream embedded below.

League of Legends

It’s the League of Legends summer promotion this weekend stateside while across the Atlantic the regular season has a few more games to go. Play will wrap up in Europe first with Team Vitality vs. Unicorns of Love, followed by G2 Esports vs. ROCCAT at 1:00PM EDT, then again on Sunday with matches at the same times.


Things kicks off in North America with the best-of-five quarter finals pitting Phoenix1 against Team Dignitas at 3:00PM EDT, while Counter Logic Gaming takes on FlyQuest on Sunday.

Overnight, South Korea will see games at 4:00AM and 7:00AM EDT with Kt Rolster vs. Longzhu Gaming being the first of those. Meanwhile, in China, the weekend wraps up early in the morning beginning at 1:00AM EDT with NewBee vs. Edward Gaming.


You can find all of the matches streaming live on each region’s respective channel (NA, EU, China, Korea).

Madden 17

With $50,000 for first place, the Madden Challenge continues today and into tomorrow. Day two of the group stage will play out later this afternoon at 3:00PM EDT while the elimination bracket will conclude tomorrow a month ahead of the Championship in May.


You can watch the games live right here.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The iBuyPower Spring Invitation is a small affair that will bring together eight teams, including Cloud9, OpTic, and Liquid, for a weekend skirmish that begins today at 12:00PM EDT with Liquid vs. Complexity. Matches will run the rest of the day with the grand finals scheduled for 5:00PM EDT Sunday evening.


The games will be streamed live on Twitch here.


After last week’s Carbon Series, this weekend takes us into the midst of the Overwatch PIT Championship, with the last matches of Europe’s group stage playing out today starting with Misfits vs. HAM at 12:00PM EDT. In North America, things get underway this evening with GFE vs. Riseat 7:00PM EDT in Group A. Matches will resume on Sunday at the same time and go through the rest of next week.


Games will be streamed live here.

Smash Bros.

This weekend kicks things down a notch with the Shuffle event in Columbus Ohio featuring tournaments in both Smash 4 and Project M. A full schedule is available here, with the singles bracket for Smash 4 starting this afternoon at 4:00PM EDT, while the top 8 for Melee will get underway on Sunday at the same time.


You can stream the Smash 4 matches here and the Melee bouts here.

Street Fighter V

The first round of Red Bull’s 2017 Proving Grounds events gets underway later tonight in Philadelphia beginning at 6:00PM EDT. There’s also the Sonicboom tournament going on this weekend in Madrid, Spain. Matches will run all day today, followed by top 8 play beginning Sunday at 10:00AM EDT.


You can stream that tournament live here.

Rocket League

In the third week of the spring Rocket League Championship Series, NRG will play Denial Esports to kick things off at 3:00PM EDT in North America. Meanwhile, Europe will get underway tomorrow with Northern Gaming vs. Mock-It eSports at 12:00PM EDT.


Those games will all be streamed live here.


The action begins in Europe this weekend with Team Secret vs. G2 Esports at 12:00PM EDT today, followed by Echo Fox vs. Hammers Esports at 4:30PM EDT in North America.. A full schedule for the entire season is available here.


You can watch all of the games live right here.