The Weekend In Esports: End Of The Worlds

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This weekend is jam-packed. Not only do the 2016 League of Legends World Championships wrap-up later tonight, but with BlizzCon just around the corner, the best and brightest from around the world will be competing in everything from Overwatch to World of Warcraft: Arena, with group play in many of them taking place this weekend.

While most eyes will be on the clash of titans taking place later today in Los Angeles for the Worlds Grand Finals, there’s plenty else going on in competitive gaming this weekend, including major tournaments in CS:GO and Street Fighter V. Below you can find where and when to watch the weekends biggest pro gaming events.

League of Legends

The World Championship concludes this weekend with Samsung Galaxy facing-off against two-time champions, SK Telecom T1. Arguable favorites SKT will look to continue their domination by taking control of the game early. Will SSG’s strategy of inviting pressure and punishing opponents with a swift counter-attack when they over reach pay off? Only time will tell.


The series begins at approximately 7:30PM EDT. You can watch those games, as well as rebroadcasts of previous matches, here.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

There are a few matches from the Season 4 play-offs of the ESL Pro League to partake in this weekend, with Team EnVyUs taking on Ninjas in Pyjamas at 1:00PM EDT today, followed later by Cloud9.CS vs. OpTic Gaming at 5:00PM EDT. You can find those games here.

The women’s Electronic Sports World Cup for CS:GO is also this weekend. Group play continues today with the grand finals taking place Monday morning at 10:00AM EDT. You can watch all of those matches here.

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The Overwatch World Cup, Blizzards biggest tournament for the game thus far, concluding at BlizzCon next weekend, will see teams take first blood in the group stage later today with the first match at 3:00PM EDT. Four teams in each of four groups, representing countries from around the globe, will be fighting to make it into the knock-out stage beginning later next week.


Stream information will be available here once the matches are live.


After months of qualifying, regional heavy-weights finally get to show us who’s truly the best in the World Championship. Group play will take place throughout the weekend. You can find a full schedule for all the matches here, and watch all of them streamed live right here.


StarCraft II

The Global Finals are upon us, with group stage play continuing through out the weekend up until around 4:00PM EDT on Sunday. You can find a full schedule for the tournament here, with every match available to watch here.

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Dota 2

Open qualifiers for the 2016 Boston Major are also going on this weekend. While top teams have already secured their spot in the tournament through official invites, other teams will have the chance to qualify for the tournament by achieving a top-two finish within their region.


Stream those games here.

Street Fighter V

After a week’s break, the Capcom Pro Tour regional finals continue today with the Last Chance Qualifier. You can watch all of those matches here, with top-16 play taking place later next week.


You can also catch all the action from the biggest fighting game event north of the border in this weekend’s Canada Cup. Top-8 play for SFV will take place tomorrow at 8:00PM EDT, with tournaments in Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator and King of Fighters XIV, among others, also happening at the event. You can find an official schedule and stream info here, and watch all of the SFV matches here.


Group play continues this weekend for the SPL Fall Split with games going from 1:00PM EDT today to 6:15PM EDT tomorrow. The top-two finishers in each group will then continue on to the Super Regionals, where they will battle it out for a spot at the World Championship. You can watch all of the games right here.

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