The Weekend In Esports: BlizzCon, Tekken, And More

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The top pros in all of Blizzard’s competitive games will face-off today in a bevy of tournaments. Plus if you’re in the U.S. it’s the end of daylight savings. Yay!


Worlds 2017 has come and gone leaving the former champions in second place after Samsung Galaxy proved they wouldn’t settle for a repeat of last year’s loss. But there’s a lot more to look forward to this weekend in the world of esports. BlizzCon will be the home for a number of annual championships in games ranging from Heroes of the Storm to World of Warcraft, and of course there’s the conclusion to the 2017 Overwatch World Cup.

Below you’ll find where and when you can catch all the weekend’s biggest events in competitive gaming. Let us know what you’ll be watching in the comments or if you think there’s something we might have missed.


We’ve finally reached the conclusion of Blizzard’s months long Overwatch World Cup. Unlike most esports events, this tournament pit teams representing individual countries against one another, leading to some interesting match-ups as pros play alongside popular streamers and lesser-known home-grown talent. The semifinals kick-off today at 12:30PM while the finals will start around 5:00PM.

You can watch those matches in the stream below.

Heroes of the Storm

Continuing the march of Blizzard tournaments, Heroes of the Storm will see its HGC semifinals begin today at 1:00PM with the grand finals starting at 7:30PM. You can watch those here.



It’s day two of main event with only Jungle Giants and Grimestreet Grifters left to battle it out for the second spot in the finals. Chillblade Crusaders will be there to greet them when the conclusion of the tournament starts at 2:15PM. You can watch those remaining matches here.


StarCraft II

From the bracket’s starting eight we’re now down to just four with the notable absence of INnoVation. The semifinals will get underway at 3:30PM today followed by the Championship finals at 7:00PM. You can watch those here.


World of Warcraft

The Arena World Championship for WoW is set to finish the remaining matches in its group stage today at 1:30PM. After that, the semifinals will begin with the World Championship Finals slated to get underway at 5:30PM. Those will be streaming live here.


Dota 2

There’s a Dota Pit LAN event this weekend offering $300,000 in prize pool money and what will no doubt be some good match-ups. Virtus Pro took on SG e-sports earlier this morning while Newbee played OG at 11:30AM. The next match will continue in the Losers’ bracket with the winners of those two semis playing at 1:00PM. In the Winners’ bracket, Team Liquid face Vici Gaming at 2:30PM. The event’s grand finals, however, will be held at 10:00AM Sunday morning.


You can watch all of those matches here.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Americas Minor Championship is going on in the world of CS:GO with $50,000 on the line in Toronto. You can find Team Liquid and Misfits battling it out in the semifinals today followed by Counter Logic vs. Complexity at 2:00PM. The upper bracket finals will follow that while the grand finals are slated for Sunday at 5:00PM.


You can watch that tournament here.

Tekken 7

Finishing off Paris Games week, the Tekken World Tour is hosting the EU regional finals. Pools began at 6:00AM this morning, with top 32 scheduled to begin on Sunday at 5:00AM. You can find more information about the brackets and streams for each here.


Street Fighter V

In an otherwise quiet weekend for Capcom’s fighter, the CPT LA Finals for the Latin American region will take place today beginning at 1:00PM. Mono, Caba, and others will be in attendance in Sao Paulo, Brazil with the tournament streaming here.


Smash Bros.

Smash on the other hand is quit busy with two bigger events going on. In Los Angles it’s Summit 5 featuring Armada, Hungrybox, and the rest in a Melee tournament that will start today around 1:30AM. The matches are all team-based with the draft crews taking place later in the afternoon followed by Jenga. Yup. You can stream all of that here.


For Smash 4, ZeRo is back with MKLeo, Nairo and others in Santa Ana for the 2GGC MKLeo Saga. Doubles starts at 1:00PM with a Mexico vs. Japan exhibition match at 7:00PM followed by top eight at 10:00PM. You can stream that tournament here.

Rocket League

You can catch the SPL North American and European Gauntlets this weekend with the quarterfinals in NA scheduled for 3:00PM today. You can stream those here.



The World Championships are this weekend with matches playing throughout the day. You can catch that tournament here.


Splatoon 2

Nintendo’s shooter has a LAN major this weekend with Squidstorm 2017. Matches will play out across today and tomorrow with all of the action available to stream here.



The Super Regionals for 2017 will see matches starting today at 11:00AM with play resuming on Sunday at 11:00AM when Luminosity face eUnited. You can stream all of them here.



Isn’t Daylight savings ending this weekend?