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The Week in Review: The Xbox Takes a New Direction

Illustration for article titled The Week in Review: The Xbox Takes a New Direction

Two of the top men responsible for Microsoft's Xbox 360 strategy left the company this week, depicted as departing on good terms, but nonetheless announced as "retiring" from the company.


Robbie Bach, the former head of Microsoft's entertainment and devices division, and J. Allard, a 15-year veteran described as the father of the Xbox and Xbox 360, both on their way out as Microsoft's console leadership steers in a different direction. Bach will remain through the end of 2010; Allard will be on hand in an advisory role.

Though both men were later said to be interested in taking a break from the console wars, and finding fulfillment in charitable works, personal pursuits, or the oft-cited spending time with one's family, many readers were naturally suspicious that was all there was to it. Others accepted the news at face value, and figuring that bringing in fresh blood doesn't necessarily mean the old guard had no heart.


"Both are multi-millionaires, and now they want to have time to enjoy what all their hard work has brought them," wrote Almightywhacko. Besides, they are both getting older and may no longer really have a touch for what the future of video gaming or consumer electronics really could be. Sometimes it is better to bow out while feelings are good than to hold on so tight that you ride the beast, and yourself, to death."

That was the week on Kotaku. Your open comment thread begins underneath this recap of Kotaku's original reporting.

One other housekeeping announcement: With the Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., Kotaku is on an abbreviated posting schedule today and tomorrow. Posts will publish every two hours. All standing features will be published this weekend but their post times might adjust slightly.

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I hope the new direction involves a new system generation really soon.