The Week In Review: > Take Job, Shove It

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This week? It was enough to make anyone consider throwing in the towel, packed to the gills with even more BlizzCon 2010 coverage, a week's worth of love for PC gaming and a flood of reviews and previews.


Turns out some folks did just up and quit. Capcom's Keiji Inafune, Take-Two Interactive's Ben Feder and Snowblind Studios' Ryan Geithman checked out of the rat race. They weren't the only ones changing jobs, as holiday layoffs started hitting the video game industry, potentially just the beginning of bad news.


While we look back at the week that was, we have a question: Who else could use another Coors?

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So, a quick question: I think about getting "Fable 3", but I haven't played "Fable 2" and it didn't seem that interesting to me. But I've played "Fable" on Xbox and thought that it was brilliant because of its fighting mechanic and the overall art-design.

I have to add that I didn't like "Fable 2" because it looks.. well, how can I describe it.. it looks really unfinished to me, and I don't know why..

Should I give it a try?