The Week In Review: Further Review

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You never want to make the news and report on it, but the changes to how this site will now review games by far stoked the most interest and reaction of any topic on Kotaku this week.


Crecente's outlined the changes, their necessity, and the fact that there are some details of the format still subject to change. We know you care deeply about how games are graded; it's one of the most intensely followed subjects in video games. We absolutely are listening. Feel free to weigh in below, and especially tag the comment #kotakueditorialboard. It's where your voice is heard when you want to talk about the job we do.

Other highlights: We're at New York Comic-Con, where we caught the newest characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3; more fallout from the Medal of Honor "OPFOR" fiasco; and Kotaku's first ever Editor's Choice citation goes to a sports video game, which had a hell of a debut week.


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The old review system was okay, but it had its flaws. As much as they admirably tried to avoid giving a numerical score, there were still people who would calculate one based on the ratio of blue to red paragraphs (and completely skip the review in the process, of course).

The new format comes a lot closer to making people actually read the review than before. The conversational tone of the reviews help a lot in the readability as well. It's still not perfect, but it's a big step forward.