The Week in Review: Exciting Game Show

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Two major drops - Halo: Reach on Tuesday, PlayStation Move on Friday - vied with Tokyo Game Show 2010 to dominate the past week. They may have been the biggest news, but they weren't the only news.


Reach went out with some problems, apparently - multiplayer issues on the 4GB Slim Arcade models of the 360, and puzzling disc read errors that Microsoft later acknowledged. You're supposed to call Xbox Live Support if you hit any of those. PlayStation Move arrived, and we gave an assessment of whether it was worth your coin to go get it. A few details on one of Kinect's launch titles also trickled out.

We will have much more to come from Bash and McWhertor in Japan, but for now, kick back and take a recap of the week that was in Kotaku's Original reporting, and get set for another wild weekend on the site.


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If you look back at the week, this is missing:


The note was a kind, from-the-heart letter that was endearing. This gained national attention and was a good show of how people can be, even to those who lose faith in humanity.

I'm not sure what the requirements are to be on this post, but I would sure like to see an exception every-so-often for things of this magnitude.