The Week in Review: CESplosion

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Avatar Kinect got its big reveal this week at the Consumer Electronics Show, but the long-rumored PlayStation Phone did not. And hours ago, at its own event, Nintendo marched out the 3DS and eight titles due for its Japan launch.

Welcome to the first full week of 2011. More coverage is still flowing back from Las Vegas, where CES is winding up. Elsewhere, reviews of Back to the Future: Episode One, ilomilo, and Lost In Shadow, plus news that Augusta National and The Masters would make their first appearance in a mass-market video game, rounded out the week of highlights in Kotaku's original reporting.


Kotaku's CES 2011 Coverage

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Reviews, Previews, Hands-On and Impressions

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Press Play

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OK, so CES was super boring, at least in terms of video gaming?

Got it.