The Illustrated Guide To MineCraft

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In the spirit of the new year and all things gaming, I bring to you the Illustrated Guide to MineCraft. This is an instruction booklet meant to capture the spirit of the gaming manuals of old.


The intent here is more artistic and for storytelling purposes, as opposed to a technical manual. As such, much information is either absent or presented in a relatively obscure manner.

The Illustrated Guide to MineCraft was made as a free download for fans and newcomers of MineCraft alike. My hope is to add some story elements to the game through this outside medium. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.


Armand Kossayan is a graphic designer from Los Angeles who likes to take an occasional break from work related design, and do something fun. He also writes for Bits 'N Bytes in his spare time.

Republished with permission. For a download link to the manual, check out Armand's original Minecraft manual post.

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Three things I wish MineCraft was (and that would make my friends and I all buy it):

1.) On Steam with Steam integration to make playing with friends WAY easier and to make buying the game even more tempting and easy.

2.) Easier way to play it with friends (see 1).

3.) Survival Multiplayer/Co-op. (Don't think that's in there yet, is it?)

Do this stuff, Notch and friends, and my regular gaming group (6 others) and I will all buy it instantly and make you even richer with the money.