The Week in Review: A Real Time For RTS

This was a good week for a games launch. Straight in the middle of summer, when most have gone for vacation or are heading that way, and no other controversies brewing, StarCraft II arrived.

Kotaku supplied a heaping helping of coverage for the PC RTS's release - perhaps demonstrating how few genres there are left that are driven by the PC platform. MMOs certainly remain a bulwark of PC gaming but will get their first console sibling in November with DC Universe Online. Shooters and role-playing games are both alive and well on the PC, but their biggest titles are also shared equally on the consoles. And while Real Time Strategy games aren't alien to gaming consoles, the PC is still chiefly recognized as the genre's home base.


Besides MMOs, is there any PC-dominant genre left? The release of StarCraft II may have answered the question, but only for now.

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