The Week in Games: Gamefly Pocket Vetoes

Looks like this is Soulcalibur IV's big week to shine. Still not sure how I feel about that one. Or fighters in general. I am an inveterate button masher, and so are my friends. Plus I already blew my games budget this month on a couple of Gamefly pocket-vetoes, where you just go the hell with it and buy the game because you kinda like it and you've been paying $20 to keep it for the past month. Where was I? Yeah, here's the list of titles up for the next week, and let us know what you're gonna buy or rent in the comments. Special Note: Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People was given a July release date for the Wii (Wiiware) and PC. That means it's either coming this week or it's late. Don't know exactly, but keep your eyes peeled. Tuesday (July 29) Soulcalibur IV (360, PS3) Spectral Force 3 (X360) Summer Athletics (WII, X360, PS2) Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI (PC) City Life 2008 Edition (PC) SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 (WII) MLB Power Pros 2008 (WII, PS2) Everlight (PC) Art of Murder: FBI Confidential (PC) Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm (PC) FUCK YOU DEADLIEST CATCH: ALASKAN STORK, I HAVE BEEN POSTING YOUR LIES FOR FOUR MONTHS NOW. Wednesday (July 30) Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 (X360) Thursday (July 31) Beijing 2008 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games (PC) Baseball Mogul 2009 (PC) Friday (Aug. 1) Legend: Hand of God (PC)


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